Berliner line with Magnus in special version


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It works and works and works. With an hourly output of up to 4,700 pieces this line produces Berliners on a grand scale, with an absolutely constant quality and a weight accuracy seeking its equal. In order to have a constant dough flow, it is fed through a hopper with a capacity of 160 kg. The extremely soft Berliner dough can be processed without any difficulty, due to the integrated additional oiling. After the rounding process, the dough pieces pass the fully air-conditioned proofing cabinet for 100 minutes, out of which 10 minutes are designed as stiffening zone. Afterwards, they arrive at the dripping pan via a panning belt. Thanks to the integrated upper belt long-moulding device and the side discharge, also other products can be processed on the line. Furthermore, it provides smart hygiene solutions, like the flour dust vacuum device and the cup-cleaning unit. Additionally the transport swinging trays are equipped with the FortunaCARE hygienic cloth. Altogether a time-saving and above all very clean system!

  • Maximum hourly output 4,700 pieces
  • Divider and rounder with 3-pockets,special rounding drum and rounding belt for Berliner dough
  • Divider and rounder is fed through a fold-up hopper, made of plastic
  • Pendulum device for the transfer to 9 pockets
  • Fully air-conditioned proofing cabinet, equipped with turning and pressing unit
  • Processing time of 90 minutes plus a 10-minute stiffening zone
  • Automatic UV-disinfection and drying of the swinging trays before every new filling
  • Cup-cleaning unit with rotating brushes
  • Integrated flour dust vacuum device with circulation air filter for highest hygienic requirements
  • Automatic transfer to the grease pan (9-pockets)
  • Air-conditioned proofing cabinet with casing for the control, filtering and cooling of the air