The Fortuna modular principle

What makes every bakery unique is the individual composition of its small bakery products’ assortment. At this point each master baker sets different priorities. So, there is also a corresponding difference in the requirements concerning the bread roll line, which is necessary for making these products. For this reason Fortuna has developed a `standard modular set´, out of which you can choose exactly the modules required for the production of your assortment of small bakery goods. Round or long-moulded products, stamped, cut, or seeded ones – the choice is up to you:

Panning unit
This panning unit for example is designed for the placement of the dough pieces on a standard tray/box of 58 x 78 cm or two trays of 60 x 40 cm. The placement patterns are stored in the recipe memory and are available at the push of a button.
Panning unit for connection of an automation system
With the self-supporting panning unit the line is connected to an automated tray- or box-transport system. So, you have no more time-consuming manual operation of the panning and the line’s capacity can be fully exploited.
Seeding unit
In the mobile seeding unit the dough pieces are humidified by nozzles and then accurately sprinkled with seeds. For cleaning, the unit can simply be slided out of the line. The seeding unit consists of various containers for the most diverse seeds – from coarse to fine. The containers are inserted manually into the unit and the amount of seeds to be sprinkled can be freely adjusted.
If required, round dough pieces get straight to the panning, avoiding the proofing loop. Like this also `green´doughs, such as Berliner-, fruit-, yeast- or seeded doughs can be processed without any difficulty.
Long-moulding unit
With the newly developed long-moulding board for products, such as cut bread rolls or Houska, the dough pieces are rolled as tension-free as possible. This makes the bread rolls more uniform and compact, which results in a higher product quality.
Upper belt long-moulding device
The upper belt long-moulding unit is used for the creation of products, such as mini-baguettes or hotdogs and sandwiches.
Programme control
The control of the line is carried out via a comfortable touch display. After accessing the required programme, the line will be switched to the respective product – partly in a fully automatic and partly in a menu-controlled way.
At the end of the proofing time the side discharge transports the dough pieces for pretzels or curled products laterally out of the line. The dough pieces arrive at a worktable or to a further machine (for example curling machine) by means of a fold-up belt.
PLC manager
This tool allows to supervise the production process accurately and efficiently. Due to it, the line’s entire data (for example production lists, programmes, recipes, fault reports) can be traced on second basis and merged on a PC.
Flour duster of the stamping unit
The flour duster of the stamping unit can be used for flouring both the stamping cups and the dough pieces. The flour quantity is infinitely adjustable.
Seeds-recycling system
Excessive seeds are reconducted into the corresponding seeding container by means of the seeds-recycling system.
Stamping-cutting unit
The stamping-cutting unit can be equipped with the most diverse stamping tools. A turret provides short changeover times, when the product is changed. Depending on the product type, the dough pieces are passed on into round or long cups, where they are stamped or cut by a sliding blade.
Cup-cleaning unit
Rotating brushes clean the swinging trays. For protection against a flour dust explosion, the unit has an integrated flour dust vacuum device with circulation filter in the shielded area.
Transfer unit
Complementary to the normal panning unit, the line can be expanded by a panning, which can be switched off. When required, this unit passes the dough pieces on to an external processing unit, by means of a step band.
Distribution belt
The distribution belt transports the dough pieces straight to the panning, without final proofing.
Intermediate-/final proofing cabinet with air-conditioning
The metal swinging trays in the intermediate- and final proofing cabinet are equipped with the hygienic cloth FortunaCARE. In the swinging trays return stroke the cups are disinfected by means of UV-light and dried by an air blower.
Curling unit
The curling unit is completely integrated in the line and is designed to cover the full working width. This increases the production output and makes manual interventions unnecessary.