Fortuna Automates

Perfect dividing and rounding since 1927 The Fortuna semi-automate was the first divider and rounder developed by our technicians. We were granted the patent in 1927. In 1952 we developed the Fortuna automate, which in the meantime has probably become the best-known rotary disc grinder in the bakery sector. Until today the two traditional products have become and have remained a synonym for quality, precision and durability and they are still not outdated. With their solid cast casing, onto which the assembler still engraves his initials, just as in earlier times, the machines are made for a long life in the baker shop. As a consequence of optimal adjustment of the piece weight and dough consistency, they perfectly round even fermented dough, just like by the baker’s hands. And due to their compact dimensions, they will fit even into the smallest bakery.

Fortuna semi-automate
Already for decades, the Fortuna semi-automate has been applied in many bakeries with relentless dedication. A long operational life is guaranteed by the solid design and the automatic permanent lubrication. The Fortuna semi-automate perfectly executes the rounding movements out of the central pressing and cutting position and rounds the dough pieces as if made by the baker’s hand… MORE
Fortuna automate
The Fortuna automate is the indistructable classic machine for every bakery. Thanks to its robust design, the well-proven dough divider and rounder has a particularly long operational life, requires only little maintenance and is very easy to operate. Due to its compact dimensions, the Fortuna automate fits even into the smallest bakery…MORE