Hygiene concept


Pioneer in hygiene matters

Manufacturers and users have been fighting for years against the problem of mould in the proofer-swinging trays of bread roll lines. This is because you find ideal conditions for the formation of mould in the lines: rests of flour and dough, as well as the warm temperatures and humidity during the processing of the dough are the reasons for fungal spores, which quickly spread all over the line.

In order to get this problem under control, Fortuna has defined extensive standards, which have a huge effect on the design of the Fortuna-lines.

The Fortuna-hygiene concept for extra hygiene during the production process:

  • Coating of the metal swinging trays in the intermediate and final proofing cabinets with the hygienic cloth FortunaCARE
  • UV-disinfection unit in the lines‘ swinging trays return stroke
  • Spreading belts made of plastic (optional)
  • Frames made of stainless steel
  • Swinging tray chains made of non-rusting material (maintenance-free)
  • Good access by means of large, wide swing doors on the line’s front side
  • Clip-on motors and direct drives instead of high-maintenance chain drives
  • FDA-certified belts
  • Stamping cups made of dough-repellent plastic
  • Cup-cleaning unit and flour dust vacuum device (optional)

FortunaCARE – the clean solution

Together with practitioners from the bakery industry, Fortuna has developed a proofing cloth, which stops the mould formation and fulfills the highest hygiene requirements. FortunaCARE is easy to clean.  FortunaCARE can be used as a liner for proofing trays and boxes. Due to the precise cut, the cloths are suitable for almost all proofing cabinet systems. They are available both with adhesive strips and with velcro hook and loop tape.

Material properties:
  • Carrier material made of 100 % polyester
  • Bottom side with polyurethane coating
  • 100 % transpirable
  • Washable up to 60° C
  • In accordance with HACCP standard and German Consumer Goods Ordinance
  • Invisible, molecular protection
  • Colourless and odourless
  • No discolouration through ultraviolet light
  • Semi-hydrophobic
  • Resistant to food
  • pH-neutral

The clever way to cool your bakery products

Your dough pieces can quickly and effectively cool on these new trays made of plastic and with a sophisticated technology of grids at the bottom. These trays are designed in accordance with the bakers’ needs: they are stable, stackable and much lighter than traditional trays made of metal or wood. In this way, they make the work in the bakery easier – day by day, tray by tray. The plastic baking trays are the first choice also when it comes to hygiene matters. Since they are cast in one piece, they can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Wood splinters – as often found when using wooden trays – or other foreign objects don’t even come into contact with your bakery products. Moreover, in combination with FortunaCARE proofing cloths, the trays meet the highest hygiene standards.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Lighter than traditional trays made of metal or wood
  • Suitable for use with foodstuffs, in dishwashers and for freezing
  • Integrated hollow chambers store the cold for hours
  • No skin formation on the dough pieces
  • Stackable and very robust


The FortunaCARE-cloth’s outstanding characteristic is its special structure. Despite this special structure the FortunaCARE-cloth doesn’t stick to the dough. Due to the structured surface, small air cushions appear between the dough surface and the swinging tray, avoiding the danger of sticking.