Divider and rounder Magnus Superior 6- to 10-pockets

The high-capacity industrial machine

The Fortuna Magnus Superior is a new dough divider and rounder for the industrial production of large piece numbers in three-shift operation. The robust, low-maintenance industrial divider and rounder covers a large weight range and produces, depending on the dough, up to 3,000 pieces per pocket and hour. At the construction Fortuna has directed special attention to an extensive hygiene concept.

  • Dividing system with gentle dough handling and adjustable pressing power
  • Designed for three-shift operation
  • Innovative piston changing system for an easy blocking of pockets and large weight range from 25 to 200 g, thus high product flexibility
  • High ease of use, due to snap closings and tension levers
  • Very easy to clean because of the separation of drive system and dough area
  • Good accessibility of all dough-processing areas
  • Optimizing the hygiene by dismountable modules
  • Low-maintenance, robust design
  • Maintenance manager integrated in the control
  • Spreading belts on wheels

Optional equipment

  • Adjustable number of pockets
  • Flour duster for spreading belts
  • Pressing cylinder on the spreading belts
  • Spreading belts height adjustment
  • Pre-portioning dough hopper for infeed via tilting lifter

Technical data

Number of pockets 6-pockets 8-pockets 10-pockets
Max. hourly output* 18,000 pieces 24,000 pieces 30,000 pieces
Weight range (infinitely adjustable) 25-200 g 25-200 g 35-100 g
Weight approx. 3,400 kg
Drive power approx. 8,5 kW

* depending on the dough used